Never Have You Ever

At this age, some of my friends said they are going through a quarter life crisis. After a few years graduated from college and started working in real life, they often re-ask themselves about what they want to do in their life. Probably it is s part of life transition. Because I’ve been there, too.

Until yesterday I watched a Jubilee Project recent video, where a mother and son playing a Never Have You Ever Game. A simple and thoughtful game, which going to make you tell the truth about something. Then there was a question:

“Never have you ever asked your purpose in life?”

For once, I was like…..‘Well, who doesn’t?’ I guess, most people should’ve been through life crisis life crisis.

Surprisingly, the mother and son said they have never. Wow.

I always saw those who can think simply as the gifted ones. As for me, I always over-think and over-worry about things.  I know some of my friends sometimes over think and over worry too, so I considered myself as normal.

However, AJ and his mother on the video gave a bang to my mind: ‘Oh right, why do I have to worry much about my life?’

Like a lightning, a quote from from a preach I read somewhere popped up in my mind:
When you are worrying about your life tomorrow, you actually doing a blasphemy.

Right. Right. Right.

It may sound simple, but believe me….it does not. It is not that easy to overcome the anxiety we are facing day to day.

Knowing one of your friend is going abroad for another degree, starting a fancy job, or finally settling down in a commitment—-literally everyday, it’s difficult to calm yourself down. Moreover, in this era of social media. Modernization s*cks, I know.

This era of social media made us envy what other people have, without realizing that we have something they do not. My advice, when you are going through on a crisis in life, you need to stop a while and rest. Re-evaluate and filter your activity; if you spent too much time on social media, they will only make you worse.

“Flowers teach us that nothing is permanent: not their beauty, not even the fact that they will inevitably wilt, because they will still gave seeds. Remember this when you feel joy, pain, or sadness. Everything passes, grows old, dies, and is reborn.

Even the tallest trees are able to grow from tiny seeds . Remember this, and try not to rush time.” – A dialogue from The Spy by Paulo Coelho

I try to truly believe that everything about us and our lives had been written down: God only want to know how we react to His plan. So, isn’t worrying mean we do not fully trust Him? Hu Allah hu alam.




Membiarkan jari-jari menari

“Acara gosip infotainment di TV menggosipkan artis terang-terangan, Pak. Apakah itu termasuk Ghibah?” tanya seorang teman ketika sekolah dasar.

Saya bersekolah di sebuah sekolah Islam sederhana di bilangan Bekasi Barat. Kelas yang diisi 40 anak tersebut tidak ber-AC, kursinya pun kayu. Kala itu kami sedang membahas tentang Ghibah.

Sayangnya, ingatan saya yang terbatas ini tidak menyimpan bagaimana persisnya jawaban pak guru untuk pertanyaan teman saya saat itu.

Beliau tidak membenarkan infotainment sebagai acara yang baik, walau tujuannya adalah hiburan.

“Sekali berghibah,” kata beliau, “maka tabungan pahala orang yang menggunjing akan ditukar dengan tumpukan dosa orang yang dibicarakan.”

Dijelaskan pula pada suatu ayat yang menyebutkan bahwa orang yang berghibah sama dengan memakan bangkai saudaranya sendiri. Siapa pula yang mau makan bangkai? Yikes. —— Read more on

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What I’ve learned

Never, ever judge people by their actions and their decisions. They didn’t earn them instantly. You might not understand the proccess they’ve been through, battles they’ve fought, and home where they’ve been grown.
The more you think you know about something, actually the less you know about everything.
God speaks through various languages you might not understand. Don’t hate what you don’t understand.

Moving On

Year ends, a year passed, a new year begins. Well this year, 2014, was too memorable.

2014 was a year of transformation, I guess. Not only for myself but also for the world. It taught me a lot of life lessons; leading a team I barely meet, working on a brand-new atmosphere, testing my faith to study medicine, reminding me of how’s falling in love feels like, and finally, 2014 teaches me necessity to stop doing things, no matter how much you love, when it starts hurting you.

I learned about destiny. That life’s not always about how hard you try. Life’s not just about what you have and where you’ve been. Well, life is all about being the best actress for God’s scenario which had been written for you.

Here’s a quote from Kamran Pasha on a book I read lately:

“I know that we’re all deers while the lion hunting us is a hunter with no sympathy called destiny. And life’s tragedy don’t care how far we go, the lion will always win.”

We need to let things go. As time flies, it would be just a story, a memory. There will be no fear, no more obstacle. We will able to breathe easier. Much easier.


It’s been 4 years since I passed the new years eve with friends. Yeah, my dearest highschool best friends, Perwakilan Kelas XVI. It’s not about the celebration; there’s no fireworks or bonfire. Just some chitchats and skype with the others who’s oversea are enough to warm the atmosphere of the rainy night.


Thank God for this lovely beginning. May this year would be blissful and better 🙂


All the praises to Allah, the Lord of the universe. The most gracious and the most merciful. Thanks for this wonderful life.

And I know, the end is not the end. We have tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, which gonna make us stronger and wiser.

Hello, 2015!


This evening, on my way home, a friend posted this quote on my timeline.

We live in a world in which judgement is more important than to know that person.

Well, it’s true. That’s our society. I can’t say I never judge people, too. But here I’m wondering; why do we tend to judge? Why do we label someone for their behavior?

For every actions they take, however theor behavior is, there must be a reason behind. It’s their karma. How we respond is our choices.

Human makes mistake. We’re all vulnerable on our own. To correct us when we’re wrong, to warn us when we’re about to fall, and to help us when we’re down; that’s what friends are for.

So why are we to judge others?


Yeah, true friends never judge. They might be mad at you sometimes, critics you harshly, not talking to you somedays, but you’re always gonna be friends.

So why don’t we be friends with everyone around?


Jika saja manusia punya kemauan untuk saling mendengarkan, tidak akan ada teriakan dan amarah di dunia

Jika saja manusia bisa saling memahami, tidak akan ada pertengkaran dan dan perdebatan yang sia-sia

Jika saja manusia menghormati perbedaan, dunia akan menjadi damai dan tenang tanpa kekerasan dan peperangan

Jika saja manusia mampu mensyukuri anugerah yang diberikan boleh sang Pencipta, kita tidak akan jadi orang-orang serakah yang mengutamakan kepentingan pribadi

Kita memang manusia
Makhluk ciptaan-Nya yang paling sempurna
Tetapi bukan berarti manusia selalu benar
Kita bukan Tuhan
Kita punya hawa nafsu, punya ego yang selalu minta dituruti
Dan mungkin, kita terlalu sering menurutinya
Kita terlalu sering menuruti keinginan pribadi

Kita terlahir berbeda, hidup dengan perbedaan budaya, dididik dengan kepercayaan yang berlainan
Lalu, apa masalahnya?
Bukankah dalam firman-Nya, disebutkan bahwa kita diciptakan berbeda agar saling mengenal?

Perbedaan seharusnya tidak menjadi masalah, jika kita cukup dewasa menyikapinya. Legowo, kata orang Jawa.

“Hai manusia, sesungguhnya Kami menjadikan kamu dari seorang laki-laki dan seorang wanita, dan menjadikan kamu berbangsa-bangsa dan bersuku-suku supaya saling mengenal. Sesungguhnya orang mulia di antara kamu di sisi Allah adalah orang yang paling bertakwa. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui Lagi Maha Mengenal.”  Al-Hujuraat [49]:13

Ah, tetapi kita terlalu egois. Kita terlalu serakah. Kita terlalu terburu-buru. Kita selalu ingin memiliki apa yang kita inginkan untuk ada disini, saat ini.
Kita lupa akan Sang Pencipta.
Kita lupa akan firman-Nya yang menyebutkan bahwa….
Kita hidup tidak hanya untuk hari ini.
Kita hidup tidak hanya di dunia.
Bukankah segalanya telah tertulis dalam Lauh Mahfudz?
Semua telah tertulis dalam suratan takdir-Nya. Kita hanya perlu menjemput. Beda cara, beda pula keberkahannya.

Tawa dan tangismu akan berlebihan bila kau lupa bahwa hidup hanyalah #akting dari naskah semesta yang belum sanggup kau baca. – Arya Sujiwo Tejo

Bandung itu Berkah!

Halo-halo Bandung ibu kota periangan
Halo-halo Bandung kota kenang-kenangan
Sudah lama beta tidak berjumpa dengan kau
Sekarang telah menjadi lautan api maribung rebut kembali

Bandung: kota yang jadi rumah keduaku selama tiga tahun belakangan. Yaaa secara teknis memang tidak tinggal persis di kota Bandung. Tapi atmosfer kota Bandung dan Jawa Barat ini punya pesonanya tersendiri, untukku.

Beda jauh dengan Jakarta yang padat, panas, dan hiruk-pikuk. Karena lokasinya yang dikelilingi gunung dan bukit, udara Bandung lebih dingin beberapa derajat. Tak perlu pendingin ruangan pun kau bisa saja kedinginan di malam hari. Itulah hal utama yang membedakannya dengan Jakarta; iklimnya cukup untuk mendinginkan kepalamu setelah melewati hari yang berat. Kota ini seakan punya keajaiban tersembunyi; seribet apapun urusan akademik dan organisasiku disini, seakan masih ada energi tersisa untuk tersenyum dan mensyukuri nikmat Tuhan. Ada seorang teman pernah bilang: “A bad day in Bandung is still a better day than a bad day somewhere else.” True, indeed!

Satu lagi yang menjadi kenikmatan di kota ini adalah kebaikan orang-orangnya. Orang-orang Sunda itu baik, banget. Coba bandingkan dengan penduduk Jakarta, atau apalagi Surabaya. Beda jauh!
Mungkin karena hawanya yang lebih dingin, orang-orang cenderung lebih berkepala dingin dan lebih religius. Saya sendiri sekali pun jadi banyaaaak sekali belajar agama sejak memasuki dunia perkuliahan. Memahami kembali seperti apa itu Islam, perlahan mengimplementasikannya dalam setiap langkah, kemudian berusaha terus untuk menjadi Muslim yang lebih baik.

Dibalik sebutannya sebagai lautan api, kota ini menyimpan banyak berkah! 🙂

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