Never Have You Ever

At this age, some of my friends said they are going on a quarter life crisis. After a few years graduated from college and started working in real life, they re-ask themselves about what they want to do in their life. A part of life transition, maybe. I’ve been there, too.

Until yesterday I watched a Jubilee Project recent video, where a mother and son playing a Never Have You Ever Game. A simple and thoughtful game, which going to make you tell the truth about something. There was one of the question popped up:

“Never have you ever asked your purpose in life?”

For once, I was like…..‘Well, who doesn’t?’ I guess, most people should’ve been through quarter life crisis. However, surprisingly the mother and son said they’ve never.

Whoa. How come?

I always saw those who can think simply as a gifted ones. Compared to me, the over thinker and over worrier.  Because some of my friends sometimes over think and over worry too, I considered myself as normal. AJ and his mother on the video gives a bang in my mind: ‘Oh right, why do I have to worry much about my life?’

Then I remember one of the preach I read somewhere:
When you are worrying about your life tomorrow, you actually doing a blasphemy.

Right. Right. Right.

It may sound simple, but believe me….it does not. It is not that easy to overcome the anxiety we are facing day to day.

Knowing one of your friend is going abroad for another degree, accepted on a fancy job, or finally settle down in a commitment going on everyday, it’s difficult to calm yourself down. Moreover, in this era of social media. Modernization s*cks, I know.

This era of social media made us envy what other people have, without realizing that we have something they do not. My advice, when you are going through on a crisis in life, you need to stop a while and rest. Re evaluate and filter your activity; if you spent too much time on social media, they will only make you worse.

“Flowers teach us that nothing is permanent: not their beauty, not even the fact that they will inevitably wilt, because they will still gave seeds. remember this when you feel joy, pain, or sadness. Everything passes, grows old, dies, and is reborn.

Even the tallest trees are able to grow from tiny seeds . Remember this, and try not to rush time.” – A dialogue from The Spy by Paulo Coelho

Now I try to truly believe that everything about us and our lives had been written down: God only want to know how we react to His plan. So, isn’t worrying mean we do not fully trust Him? Hu Allah hu alam.



Jangan Tenggelamkan Kesehatan Jiwa

Globular Health initiative

mental health shutterstock.jpg Source: shutterstock (via

Isu kesehatan jiwa merupakan salah satu target yang tercantum dalam Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), namun sering terabaikan. Organisasi Kesehatan Dunia (WHO) mencatat setidaknya satu dari empat orang di dunia pernah mengalami masalah kejiwaan sepanjang hidupnya. Saat ini setidaknya ada satu dari sepuluh  orang di antara kita sedang mengalami masalah kejiwaan. Namun sayangnya, sembilan dari sepuluh orang dengan masalah kejiwaan tersebut tidak menerima pengobatan, atau bahkan tidak terdiagnosis.

Masyarakat umumnya menyamaratakan orang-orang yang memiliki masalah kejiwaan dengan orang gila. Padahal, dari sudut pandang medis sendiri gangguan kejiwaan secara garis besar dibagi menjadi dua; yang pertama adalah gangguan psikotik, yaitu gangguan pola pikir sehingga penderita dapat berhalusinasi, seperti melihat dan mendengar hal-hal yang sebenarnya tidak ada ataupun memiliki keyakinan yang tidak sesuai dengan kenyataan. Contohnya orang yang merasa bertemu makhluk planet lain yang memperingatkan bumi akan diserang, padahal sesungguhnya tidak ada makhluk yang dimaksud. Sementara pada…

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Berkali-kali saya dan beberapa teman mempertanyakan kemana integritas bangsa; dan apa sebenarnya bertanya-tanya makna integritas itu sendiri.

Menurut KBBI, integritas adalah mutu, sifat, atau keadaan yg menunjukkan kesatuan yg utuh sehingga memiliki potensi dan kemampuan yg memancarkan kewibawaan; atau singkatnya, kejujuran. Sesederhana itu, tapi sayangnya di Indonesia, mendapatkan sebuah kejujuran itu sangat-sangat mahal.

Kau tak perlu mengklaim dirimu sendiri bahwa kau seorang Muslim. Cukuplah kau tunjukkan lewat harmonisasi pikiran, tutur katamu, dan perbuatanmu. Itulah integritasmu sebagai seorang muslim.

Tidak mudah mencari orang jujur saat ini. Orang yang jujur bertindak dengan hatinya, bukan karena mencari pujian.

Mungkin kau akan sebut saya sekuler, liberal, atau apapun itu. Tapi ya, itulah pemahaman saya: Jangan mudah percaya dengan apapun, siapapun, kecuali hal-hal yang kau lihat dengan mata kepalamu sendiri. Tak perlu berbelit-belit hukum mengadili. Cukup Tuhan yang menjadi saksinya 🙂


A journey to the west #4

There it goes Italy; the country which has a spell to make the travellers fall, as Lonely Planet said. What do you imagine when I say ‘Italia’? Probably the spartans, the ancient monuments, or the pastas and pizzas. It’s all wrapped up here in Italy.

My first stop in Italy was Milan. Stopped by for an hour for a transit.

Some people love the cosmopolitan, can-do atmosphere, the vibrant cultural scene and shopisticated shopping. Others grumble that it’s dirty, ugly, and expensive.

Well, I kind of agree with the second sentence. At least that’s what I see from the station. Just another metropolitan city.

Then I continue my journey to Venice; the famous water-city. It’s pretty exciting to explore the canals with a gondola (FYI, the gondola here refers to a small boat, not the hanging train), or get lost on the small lanes around. Yeah, Venice brings me the atmosphere of a never-never land.




You will not find cars on the land. I can’t even find a motorcycle. Everything’s here is by the water. Even the ambulance.


Anyway, do you miss my Danboard?


Like what I find in Paris; the love bridge is also exist here. They said if a couple write their name here, locked it up and throw the key away, their love would last forever.

Now I’m on the train heading to the second city; the Italians capital. Talk to you later!