Mein Traumberuf

Mein Traumberuf. It’s German. It’s ‘my dream job’ in English, or ‘Cita-citaku’ in Bahasa Indonesia. This topic has haunted my mind for this several…..weeks, or month, I don’t remember exactly.

I am a 12th grader. Well, this is the most important part of my life. I’m gonna decide where would I go next year, what major I would take, which probably would affect my career, for the rest of my life? Maybe I am over-worried.

I want to be an entrepreneur. My parents are entrepreneur. They influence me a lot. But I still don’t know what business I want to own. Both of my parents didn’t study business or other social science major. They’re both engineer. I realize that to be an entrepreneur, I don’t have to study business on college. Thus, business is like my side-dream-job. I can have another career beside this job.

All of my family, my mother, my father, and my older brother studied engineering on college. When I was in elementary, I want to study engineering to. So we’re gonna make an engineer-family. (Sounds silly, huh?) But the more I study physics, I feel like that I’m not so into physics. I don’t hate it, just feel not so into it.

I prefer biology. The more I study about human body, I realize that that’s the most interesting thing in this whole world. It amazes me, how God has made this awesome machine which called human body. Subhanallah.

Then I made up my mind, I want to be a doctor. I want to help people. I don’t want to be a doctor because I want to be rich. There are some other job which would give you more money. I want to give benefits to others. Being a (wo)man of value.

Lately, there are so much issues in Indonesia. I find there are so much things which have to be repaired.

When I watched TV or went to the cinema, I didn’t find anything that can educate this country. The news, the shows, they’re all junk. (Actually, some of them are not). I want to repair this, then I think that being a journalist and working in media will be good.

Being a student made me concern about the education system. The education system in Indonesia seems need more improvement. What we learn at school is improper, lack in someways, excessive on others. I want to work on it.

So, there are four of my dream job. Mein traumberuf. Which one am I gonna be?

Sometimes I’m pessimistic that I can be one of them. I mean, not just be one of them, but make my will become reality.

Which one will fit me best? I don’t know. Huallahualam. I just pray that I’ll get the best. and do the best I can.

Well, talking about dreams has no end. Wake up, I may waste my time too much and be late for reality.


Hello world!


This is my 2nd blog (or 3rd? If I count the friendster blog as my first)

I decided to write a blog again. This desire arise because I feel like 140 chars in twitter is not enough to reveal my thoughts. I don’t want to bother others with my multi-part tweets. So I create this blog. I hope I’ll write here consistently.

Well, motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going 🙂

See you!

P.S : This is my previous blog, (only click if you want to see!)